The process continues.

A nervous heart is a heart that needs to be loved, calmed and assured that it That if it trusts in The Lord, it cannot be shaken, it cannot be moved.

 “Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.” Psalm 125:1

A heart that’s weighed with anxiety needs to know that the impossibles and the situations that are in the trenches are in the hands of God. It’s surrendered to the One who holds it all together, The One who knows how it’s going to end, if in fact it is surrendered. But not only does God know the end of the matter, the intermediate stages of the matter have His full attention. And it’s on the way to the end of the journey that you are being prepared for what your character couldn’t withstand had it not been for the journey. So, nervous heart, be still.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still.” Exodus 14:14

There is a maker who is familiar with your process. I’ve learned one resounding truth that’ll keep me to the end of days.

“All of life is the undoing of ourselves. All of life is a process.”-Steffany Gretzinger

I’d say it’s time I become excellent at process.

I learned an astounding lesson from Esther, that preparation is beautification.

“Before a young woman’s turn came to go in to King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments prescribed for the women, six months with oil and myrrh and six with perfumes and cosmetics.” Esther 2:12

Though the beauty trPainted Background 225eatments were focussed on the outer appearance, it enhanced their beauty. It was said that Esther was already beautiful (Esther 2:7), perhaps, she did not need  12 months of beautification, (though I doubt any woman would object to beauty treatments) but it was required to go to the next step; being presented to King Xerxes. The beautifying process was necessary.

Our process, whatever that may be,  is meant to make us even more beautiful from the inside out. It is meant to prepare us for what’s ahead, to gracefully be able to walk into the next season, ready to bless anyone and any situation with the strength and beauty God graced us to gain because of the process.

So dear friends, Don’t give up. Embrace the Process. It’s meant to create a beauty in you that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

Anchored in Zion

Renee Jael



Sometimes I don’t like being an ISFJ!


Sometimes, I don’t like being an ISFJ. Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. In practical words, “Introverted Sensing with Extraverted Feeling”, also known as, “The Nurturer”.

I feel every thing! When I’m happy, I’m the bubbliest person you can find. But when someone is hurting, I feel it. If i’m experiencing life altering emotions, my sensing feelings are escalated. I feel it in my core! Being an ISFJ can also get me into trouble but Jesus helps to guide me and which prevents my sensing emotions to lead me. Sometimes, I listen, other times I don’t. However, “I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you {me} will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

He works with us in our weaknesses. Not leaving us to be lead by our defenses and resolves. Leaning on His wisdom saves us from heart break, and other inconveniences life offers. I pray that you and I can lean into His voice every time He speaks. He longs to guide us in truth and prevent ourselves and others from being the “victim” of our actions. 

The greatness in being an ISFJ is, that in the Lord’s hands, He has shaped my heart of compassion. A heart He alone has given me towards the suffering and hurting.  Through this personality type, I understand my calling. But I also understand and believe that It’s Christian to love the hurting and Christian to help the suffering. Knowing my personality type has helped me comprehend why I am the way I am, why I do the things I do, why I feel the way I feel. But as I walk along side Jesus, those things are stronger and He can do so much more through me, than “my personality” can. He adds the super, to my natural!

I can’t tell you how grateful I am, that I am an ISFJ because it enables me to relate to people I am privileged to encounter.  To love them and give every part of me that I can give. To understand them, bring out the best in them, in some cases. And to simply love, Uniquely. 

What’s your personality type?  What’s your significant others personality type? 

I guarantee, that knowing yours and the person or people you love and do life with, will significantly help you to understand them, and love them in action even more! It influences your thoughts and response towards others!

“Seek first to understand, than to be understood.”- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (S.Covey)

To learn more about me, the ISFJ:

To find yours by taking the test:

Hope this has helped someone today!

Blessings & Love to You!

Renee Jael

Anchored in Zion 


Anchored in Christ.

I love this life. I am in love with new. Because old just won’t cut it. 

“I am a new creation, old things have passed away….”

Why would I live any.other.way. 

I was incredibly lost.

And now. I am eternally found. 

This is just gratitude. expressing. From moments burst because of times with Him. 

Him who mends my brokenness, Him who heals my dreams, that were lost at sea, when the boat turned upside down.

The waters rushed, violently towards me, but i’ve been anchored, by Christ. 

He is my hope, everlasting.

He. Is my Anchor. 


Renee Jael

Anchored in Zion. 

Breaking Silence | Relationships

“Stay within the sphere of grace I have called you to walk in. Don’t allow your natural affections or love to pull you away from the divine assignment on your life”- John Bevere, “The Holy Spirit” book

This has been undeniably the thing that keeps me “bee-lining to destiny. No, I am not called to singleness. Yes. That is a bold and transparent statement. But without transparency how can we walk in freedom? I am broken in more ways than I can share or begin to explain. But I am completely taken over by the Love of Christ. It’s unexplainable but, I am. And because I have His love containing me, I can stay the course. Not bending or settling to the desires of life that may or may not distract me from the purpose that was set for me before the beginning of time. Am I saying that it’s easy? Absolutely not. But I know who I am and Whose I am.

My thoughts have been churning deeply around the thoughts of marriage and relationships. My resolve is this: Our earthly relationships are meant to compliment us. Not fulfill us. But why do we crave love. I’m saying what some may be thinking. And that’s okay, because whoever you are, you are not alone.

God created us so His presence can fill us, and though it may not always be tangible, He is ever present. We were made with a God sized hole that only He can fill. 

When I first became a Christian, I was dating a guy that did not believe as I did and to the demise of my heart, I had to walk away, thinking that whomever was going to capture the fancies of my heart, needed to at least be a Christian. I was 17. And completely naive. A month later, I dated a “Christian” by label only, not by lifestyle. And this time, I was forced to walk away, circumstantially.

At 17 anImaged 18, relationships, are everything. Well, that and education. Still hoping, but still so oblivious to Who I truly needed to be in a relationship with. I pursued yet another relationship with another “Christian” guy. Wrong again, for two reasons:

| I pursued |

| The label Christian did not match up to the lifestyle, Christian|

So at 19, I was over it or at least, I tried to be. Because that summer, I still felt so, so empty. I knew that I had a relationship with God but I didn’t understand that He was “The One.” The One, that can fully satisfy me and fill the void I felt inside. It’s not after another failed attempt at being filled with the presence of another “Christian” guy that I was truly done with pursuing the title I thought would change the dynamic of my young, young life.

And so here it is, 9 years later, imperfectly finding my way to His heart and still reminding myself of truths I need to remain “happily single” until such a time is over. I am no longer naive to the things I thought would make me whole. I am Completely Loved and Filled by The One. Jesus.  Revelation? I think so.

Anchored in Zion

Renee Jael

Missions Training: The finale of the lessons learned.

I disappointed November by disappearing from the face of my blog. It was the month I went home, to face the grief and loss of my precious great grandmother. But before her departure to heaven as home, I was finishing the most intense of the of the 6 weeks of Missionary Training. In our last weeks, we were challenged the most. We were given the tasks of public speaking and learning the art of fundraising. You see as missionaries, we are called to communicate our hearts in a way that would exude passion. And for me, this was not only challenging, but overwhelming. The call I feel, is to be a light in the place where sex is sold, where innocence is taken from the innocent. The facts were overwhelming and the call became very, very real. I became brutally aware that this was not for the faint of heart, but it is for the compassionate. Compassion, a true treasure and gift from God that is leading me where “feet may fail” into depths deeper than I feel capable. But in my weakness, I find strength, in Him and Him alone.

Whether it was the discomfort of public speaking or the plethora of facts on sex slavery, I concluded one thing that I was sure of, I cannot in my own strength face the giants. I am better because of the training, way better, and I am more aware of my weakness, creating a reliance upon God like never before.

I have realized the greatness of my need for Him. His love is radical and it never fails us in our weaknesses.

I miss these great people so much. We are better and well equipped with the skills attained. Mike and Deborah, we are grateful for the legacy you imparted into us, and wherever God may lead, my prayer is that we make Him and you proud in the process.


“If the passion on the inside of you is greater than the circumstances around you then the stage is set for greatness.”- Mike Turner

Anchored in Zion

Renee Jael


Fear, Language and Missions Outreach: Weeks 2 & 3

Missionary Training Weeks 2 & 3

I started off week two of the Missions Internship with fear gripping my heart. Thinking all along, what I’m training for is quite scary. In my mind, there was nothing scarier than rescuing children and young girls out of darkness. If you have not heard, God’s put a passion in my heart for those suffering from human trafficking on the border of Thailand and Burma. Now, I do not have all the pieces put together, but I am willing. If He will send me, I will go. Anxiety, fear of the unknown and the very nature of the tasks in the future seem very daunting. And well, I feel rather, incapable. Little did I know, as I “revealed” my thoughts to God, He revealed release to my ever abiding soul. I continue to read, Undaunted by Christine Caine. This was the book that truly opened my eyes to sex trafficking. It’s also the book that told me to GO, in spite of fear. If fear can stop me, then destiny itself will go unaccomplished. Not just for me, but for the people that I will be sent to love out of the darkness. To picture myself there in a place I have never known, amongst a people who may never even want me, who may reject me, where I am thousands of miles away from everyone I know, is truly a soul shaking thought. And a call, that could ONLY come from God. But I live out of obedience to Him and Him alone. I live out of a love that He has birthed in my heart. A love for freedom and hope because of the freedom and hope that He gave me.

That same week, we were learning a method of how to learn the language of the people we will be living among. Part of the learning experience called us to go into the local shopping area for two days and engage in conversation with the people there. We had note cards, Spanish dictionaries and courage! Let’s just say, my conversations went as far as the words on my note card. Thankfully my partners new millions more words than I did and we were able to still have effective conversations. Along with that, we had to dine in a local restaurant but here’s the catch, we could ONLY speak Spanish. By the end of the that experience, my cheeks were burning red. I ordered the wrong drink, didn’t like my food and I was frustrated. What an experience.


Pumpkin Spice Latte Smile.

But the  Startbucks around the corner, made it all better. It showed me just how much Spanish I did not know. And the following week, I was like a fish out of water at our week long Outreach.  Our Outreach was also a part of our training that showed us how to deploy a short term missions trip.


La Hacienda at La Quemada. Family Home. 

We had the privilege of working with a family that had been serving the community of 1200 for almost 8 years. They recently started a school on their property that was built in the 1600’s. History and legacy held up the walls of what seemed like a dream. When I got there, I thought to my self, “How did I get here, this little island girl?” Their home at La Quemada, was Gorgeous, historic and mesmerizing, in every way. It’s been refurbished over the years and there were many stories that made our stay there, valuable. I was on cloud 9 until my communication was blocked by the language barrier. It began while serving the kids at church, and continued while we ministered through teaching at the school. I became discouraged until I met the most beautiful, Alma. I hardly understood a word she said, but she spoke to me anyway. We had a joke between us, she would say “Tu bonita” which means “you are pretty”. We would go back and forth saying that to each other until we both burst into giggles! Laughter has no language. Though I felt I had connected with her, I realized one very important thing, I had to make a serious commitment to learn Thai. If I was going to make a true difference when I go to Thailand, I needed to speak the language of the people’s heart.


Sweet Alma and I after making her bouquet of flowers. The beginning of our friendship.

Before I go, I have to share that this was a truly a dream come true. Doing a missions outreach in Mexico, sharing my testimony to the kids and at church in the community with the help of amazing translators on our team and lastly,  what’s near and dear to my heart, teaching the kids Art.

Three more weeks to go. And I anticipate every minute left.

Anchored in Zion

Renee Jael

Mission Internship-Week 1

20130928-194703.jpgHave you ever been so sure if something that nothing could dissolve your confidence. There have have been many times that I have, and well, it’s about time I stopped doubting. I am right where I am supposed to be. This Saturday would make it one week since the team of 12 Mission Interns arrived at our training under  Life Link International. It’s been one information packed 7 days of learning any subject from conflict resolution to how to manage stress. And today we got to go on a “field trip”. As a group we realize that we are a unique and special group of people. In our first week, more has happened than normal. Each occurrence trying to deter us, hinder us, and discourage us. Personally, I’ve fought against things I’ve never had to fight before, while still fighting battles that are just asking to be overcome. I’ve learned more about God’s unrelenting love, His aggression for my heart and for my soul in a few consistent days than ever before. His love is stronger and that’s all there is to it. Within this first week, I’ve learned this trip isn’t just about me becoming a successful missionary but it’s also about me becoming. Period. To know God more is my heart’s first mission and to make Him known is second.
Anchored in Zion
Renee Jael