Single. Loved. Pursued

I am 28, I am single and the age old question of where is my husband and why isn’t he ready has not only scratched the surface of my conversations with others, it’s went deep into the wells of my soul and created a beautiful mess. Its revealed things in me that hid behind the facade that I was okay, that I was in fact ready to be married.

So what exactly is God waiting on? He was waiting for me to be free from fear. The fear that built a wall around my heart. The fear that said, I will not let “you” in because I’m AFRAID of making a mistake, AFRAID of being hurt and torn apart. He was waiting for me to TRUST HIM. To show me that in control, HE IS. He was waiting to show me that even if there is or isn’t someone pursuing my heart, HE IS. And I believe with everything in me that THIS truth is what He has been waiting for me to see. That though HE FULLY KNOWS ME, HE STILL PURSUES ME! I don’t know about you but it shattered my world and put it back together in the same breath. It counteracted everything I’ve believed in this past season. And it is the truth that has set me free.

From this side of heaven and this side of the waiting I can live from the perspective that I am being pursued by love. That the God of majesty and wonders is after my heart.

Love is relentless and It’s pursued us from the cross and each day after. I’m in awe. I am free. I am loved. I am grateful.

Grateful I no longer have to live out my days of waiting, wondering when the time will be right. Because in actuality I’m not waiting to be loved, I am loved. And whether I think I’m ready or not. Well, that’s up to God…