Anchored in Christ.

I love this life. I am in love with new. Because old just won’t cut it. 

“I am a new creation, old things have passed away….”

Why would I live any.other.way. 

I was incredibly lost.

And now. I am eternally found. 

This is just gratitude. expressing. From moments burst because of times with Him. 

Him who mends my brokenness, Him who heals my dreams, that were lost at sea, when the boat turned upside down.

The waters rushed, violently towards me, but i’ve been anchored, by Christ. 

He is my hope, everlasting.

He. Is my Anchor. 


Renee Jael

Anchored in Zion. 


Love, as I am learning it to be.


| Image taken by Renee Jael. |

My thoughts write more than my hands do. January 1st resurrected silence at my fingertips. Writing, for me, is a process. A thinking, breathing, heart wrenching process that sounds quite complicated, but is most probably true, if not for anyone else, but for me. New beginnings and surprises. Disappointments mixed in between reality and hope. I’ve learned that Love is more than butterflies. Love is consistent and admits that its wrong. Love is not proud. It is not irritable, it keeps no record of being wronged. Love is patient. And the truth about patience is that it has. to. wait. Yet, how does love patiently endure, with others and with thy self. Love is not rude, (nor is it sarcastic), it does not demand it’s own way, love never gives up, it never loses faith, it always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.

| Love in black and white is 1 Corinthians 13. |

Love for me has not been holding hands and walks in the park. It has been seeing beyond the surface and understanding that one is, put quite simply, human. Being human includes brokenness, being at fault, offending and being offended, using our tongues as weapons instead of healers, dividers instead of bridges that bring us closer together. I ,however, cannot love apart from Christ. In my own strength and in my own way I fail.

| Love Himself said, “Look at how I have loved you.”|

Unconditionally, despite of my sin, my decisions, doubt, fear, in spite of my disregard for the power cross which is sometimes emulated by the way I think, and respond due to my thoughts. Strong statement. I know. But the moment I remove my eyes from the beauty of the cross, I forget what was done for me to overcome.

Love remains when emotions fade. I look to Christ who went to cross. I can assure you, that He did not feel like being severely abused or deeply humiliated, but He endured crucifixion and did what was best for us all so that we can have freedom, eternal life and a relationship with God, the Father. Love is action but not void of emotion. We are called to act in love. And when we act in love we fall in love all over again.

| Love in action, is perfectly, Jesus Christ. And God who willingly gave Him for us. |

“Right actions produce right emotions.”-Jeanne Mayo

I will undoubtedly be in a continual place of learning to actively and successfully love from He who loves me perfectly, Jesus.

  Anchored in Zion Renee Jael