Missions Training: The finale of the lessons learned.

I disappointed November by disappearing from the face of my blog. It was the month I went home, to face the grief and loss of my precious great grandmother. But before her departure to heaven as home, I was finishing the most intense of the of the 6 weeks of Missionary Training. In our last weeks, we were challenged the most. We were given the tasks of public speaking and learning the art of fundraising. You see as missionaries, we are called to communicate our hearts in a way that would exude passion. And for me, this was not only challenging, but overwhelming. The call I feel, is to be a light in the place where sex is sold, where innocence is taken from the innocent. The facts were overwhelming and the call became very, very real. I became brutally aware that this was not for the faint of heart, but it is for the compassionate. Compassion, a true treasure and gift from God that is leading me where “feet may fail” into depths deeper than I feel capable. But in my weakness, I find strength, in Him and Him alone.

Whether it was the discomfort of public speaking or the plethora of facts on sex slavery, I concluded one thing that I was sure of, I cannot in my own strength face the giants. I am better because of the training, way better, and I am more aware of my weakness, creating a reliance upon God like never before.

I have realized the greatness of my need for Him. His love is radical and it never fails us in our weaknesses.

I miss these great people so much. We are better and well equipped with the skills attained. Mike and Deborah, we are grateful for the legacy you imparted into us, and wherever God may lead, my prayer is that we make Him and you proud in the process.


“If the passion on the inside of you is greater than the circumstances around you then the stage is set for greatness.”- Mike Turner

Anchored in Zion

Renee Jael



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