Mission Internship-Week 1

20130928-194703.jpgHave you ever been so sure if something that nothing could dissolve your confidence. There have have been many times that I have, and well, it’s about time I stopped doubting. I am right where I am supposed to be. This Saturday would make it one week since the team of 12 Mission Interns arrived at our training under  Life Link International. It’s been one information packed 7 days of learning any subject from conflict resolution to how to manage stress. And today we got to go on a “field trip”. As a group we realize that we are a unique and special group of people. In our first week, more has happened than normal. Each occurrence trying to deter us, hinder us, and discourage us. Personally, I’ve fought against things I’ve never had to fight before, while still fighting battles that are just asking to be overcome. I’ve learned more about God’s unrelenting love, His aggression for my heart and for my soul in a few consistent days than ever before. His love is stronger and that’s all there is to it. Within this first week, I’ve learned this trip isn’t just about me becoming a successful missionary but it’s also about me becoming. Period. To know God more is my heart’s first mission and to make Him known is second.
Anchored in Zion
Renee Jael


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