All of life is The Undoing


“All of life is a process. All of life is the undoing and there are layers of things we walk through. He lets us walk through a process to build a man or a woman that couldn’t be built any other way. He is asking us to get good at process, to admit we blew it and acknowledge we need to get close to Him”-Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger (Always Getting Closer, Sermon)




So, I didn’t finish highlighting my favorites last week!

This is my friend Kristina. She is crazy amazing. You’ve met her before, when I blogged about her giving me her car! I am so in awe of who she is in Christ. Her hunger for Him, her faith and her obedience in Our heavenly Dad. She is getting ready to launch her World Race in less than a month. She is going to 11 countries in 11 months.

I have some amazing friends right!!!
To support her, go to
She has exceeded her goal and raised $10,905. Help her get to $15,000!

Love you Krissi.
Extremely thankful to be called your friend.