My Best Friend.

My Best Friend.

This is Angela. Beautiful. Relentless. Dreamer. Lover of our Lord. Missionary. Mother to beautiful twins. Women of great worth. Obedient. Compassionate. Gifted. Minister.

This week, I am highlighting my favorites. And this is my Bestie.

She now lives in Nigeria, Africa; loving people to Jesus’s Arms. This year, Jesus called her to Africa and she went, without hesitation. Even when every possible thing opposed her, she pressed through it, to answer to her call. To be a missionary, to love the ones that are lost, to love the ones that have been abandoned, to love the ones that need medical attention. She’s been immersed in grace and her life tells is, very well.

We have this saying, that will keep us bonded. “Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance never in heart.” I miss her everyday.

Love you Angie.
I’m So proud of you.
Your Bestie


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