Love. Art. Inspiration

Love. Art. Inspiration

This is Lily. She loves and lives fashion. And she is another of my favorites. I’m fortunate enough to know her life, her story and her passions. Some of them anyway.  She too is a world changer. First; she is anchored in Christ and changed by his amazing grace, second; she’s raising three amazing kids, third; she’s following her dreams, even if….

There are so many layers to this amazing woman.

Here is her magazine, take a look and see why many days, these posts bring tears to my eyes,  make my heart smile and help me to follow my passions…and even if I don’t get a look at her magazine, I get a text, a pin or an email.

I love you Lily.
You inspire me.
So thankful to call you friend and sister


So Ko

So Ko

This is Jewel, better known to me as  Jew-Jew. Another of my favorites.

So Ko. I just made up that nick name for South Korea, around the time Jewel tried to convince me to come stay with her for five months. She is moving to South Korea for a year. Another one of my friends, going into the nations. Another one, walking in Obedience. She is going to teach English, which is a huge change for her. She is a dance teacher. And for the past 7 months I’ve watched her push past every obstacle and challenge herself to be her best self. She’s learning the language, trying So Ko food, visits So Ko churches and practices Martial Arts. She is another world changer, I am blessed to called friend.

I love you Jewel.
And I am so proud of you. I miss you already.
Your friend

My Best Friend.

My Best Friend.

This is Angela. Beautiful. Relentless. Dreamer. Lover of our Lord. Missionary. Mother to beautiful twins. Women of great worth. Obedient. Compassionate. Gifted. Minister.

This week, I am highlighting my favorites. And this is my Bestie.

She now lives in Nigeria, Africa; loving people to Jesus’s Arms. This year, Jesus called her to Africa and she went, without hesitation. Even when every possible thing opposed her, she pressed through it, to answer to her call. To be a missionary, to love the ones that are lost, to love the ones that have been abandoned, to love the ones that need medical attention. She’s been immersed in grace and her life tells is, very well.

We have this saying, that will keep us bonded. “Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance never in heart.” I miss her everyday.

Love you Angie.
I’m So proud of you.
Your Bestie

Deeper Burden. For the ones that are Sold.

The daily browsinImageg through my Facebook feed was just a way to pass the time, not expecting to see anything that would stop me and irritate my emotions to weeping. Pure justified, hurt.

It was an article that two of my friends re-posted on sex trafficking in South East Asia. I have had doubts of whether or not I really heard God. But compassion does not lie. Less than half way through the article, I began weeping, heavily. Unable to stop. I read the numbers of people being trafficked in one area, by the hundreds. And it floored my heart to the ground, creating a burden heavier than before.

And so today, I am continuing my humble request for support. Missionary Training begins in September and fundraising is mildly moving along. I am embracing this training so that I can be Anchored when everything tells me to run back home. When discomfort yells louder than my call to nurture back to life what death tried to steal.

“God be gracious to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us. {Selah} That Your way may be known on the earth, Your salvation among all nations.” {Psalm 67:1-2}

You can access the “Donate” button through Pay Pal on the right of my blog or on the About page.

Heartfelt Thanks

Renee Jael

Anchored in Zion

Obedient Sacrifice

The sacrifice of comfort is rewarding, breaking down the wall of selfish carrying ons. Relinquishing my right to go about with my schedule, I stopped at Starbucks on the way home. Having already visited twice in one day, did a recording for my fundraising video coming soon and back again to use my treat receipt!

I saw a girl, sweet, and carried admirable art work, tattoos. At first glance I could tell she needed “something” more than Starbucks. I carried on reading and writing, facebooking and the like, then I turned around. Immediately, God gave me instruction.
God-“go talk to her”
I replied “and say what, this is always awkward.”
God-“she needs to hear the gospel”
And so there I was faced with not doing it because it was awkward.
Needless to say, God and I talked. “If you can’t love people here, you can’t love people where you are going”, “when do you ever regret talking to someone I asked you to?” Even when I’ve been rejected, there’s almost ever no regret.
He always reminds me of this. I’m so grateful for His patience. I packed my things up and I paused as I walked out the door. There she was right in front of me, I embraced the moment, engaging conversation that flowed so easily. She was so welcoming. But more than that, she was in awe the entire time I spoke with her. Tearing up when I told her that “God noticed her.” Not only did she hear God noticed her, she believed it. Continuing in easy conversation about His love, about Jesus, her journey…and seeking Him.
I must say, I was ever so happy that I stopped and talked to her.
She said, “You were right on time, I cannot believe this, you have no idea how much I needed that”

My challenge to you: Stop for the one. They matter and are noticed by the One who loves them most.

Anchored in Zion
Renee Jael