The grace afforded to me.

The grace afforded to me.

Last year I met Kristina through mutual friends at our church and young adult ministry. I remember specifically how she welcomed me, I was new, barely knew anyone at an event she and I were apart of, Delivery. As the year went on, I continued to build friendship with the women at my church and it mostly began because they blessed me by picking me up for church. I had the worst incidents with cars last year and was with out one. I moved close to where Kristina lived and went to church most of the time. It opened the door for us to become more acquainted and it further confirmed how awesome she was!!!!! She blessed me by giving on countless occasions, all surprises. But this one… This act of love, and kindness, that is still bringing tears to my eyes, tops it all! She answered the call to missions by doing the world race, going to 11 countries in 11 months. Following the leading of The Lord, she resigned from her consultant position which led her to the World Race. Yesterday, Kristina and I skyped, as she is at home visiting family and as we talked I appreciated our friendship even more! To cut to the chase, she will be BLESSING me with HER CAR because God asked her to. She had the opportunity to sell and further raise money for her trip which is a total of 15,000, but chose obedience. I don’t deserve God’s goodness but I trusted Him to be faithful. He can’t deny Himself! Oh friends. It has been SO trying the past year and a half. This increased my faith for the next while!! It reminded me that everything I had been concerned about, is already taken care of. And every trial I encounter is to build my faith for the bigger giants. He is good. Always! And forever!

The grace afforded me. Oh SO grateful. So humbled.
Anchored in Zion
R Jael

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He sees, He knows and He will not fail….

it’s at the end of yourself that….

how exactly do you finish that sentence? for me it may be that “i can begin again”..

I feel like I graduated again. Another 4 year period of growing and learning. And everything I had gotten to know has changed. Completely. Everything I prayed for. No longer the same. Yet, I have to survive and still walk in strength. And no matter how far in advance you know change is coming, it never really prepares you for the aftermath. What lies ahead? I wish I knew. But I am reminded that Trust does not require me to know. It Imagerequires to believe in Him. To have a quiet resolve that He knows, He sees, and He will not fail.

Anchored in Zion

R Jael