Spoke to a VERY special lady today and she said something that told me her soul had been healed on a matter. And as simple as it was, it spoke volumes. Love as we have been shown through the media relies heavily on romance. But couples who have been married for many years would tell you that love is a choice. In fact, it’s all action. So much so that it would give up comfort, it is pure selflessness. True love came on the scene in the form of a baby, who grew into a man. They called Him Jesus, Messiah, Lord, Christ, Yahweh, Emanuel, Yeshua. I call Him Love. And through this love, my soul has known forgiveness.  

For you that need to receive love, His is the truest, and for you that need to give love, let selflessness and humility be your guide.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone, Love.


Anchored In Zion

R Jael


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