Exceeded expectations

The other day. I prayed. Well every day i pray, but the other day I prayed something specific. And God, well, let’s just say He answered it. He heard my cry. It went something like this. I asked Him to show up in unexpected ways. And He did. I walked to the mail box after church today, which I never do. I mean, it’s Sunday! And I saw a name that made me smile.I opened my front door, sat down and ripped through the envelope. I saw a card with the word me replaced with us. Because that family loves me. They gave to me. That something unexpected. God answered before i called or perhaps, He answered to another prayer. and this is how He showed up, unexpectedly. Through giving friends who believe in love and sacrifice. So there you have it. A challenge. To ask God to show up in unexpected ways. Your unexpected may not be in a check like mine was, but through a person, through a circumstance or opened eyes to something we could not see or understand before. I’m still believing for more “Unexpecteds”.

I’m on a Journey, and this is what I’m learning. Join me. My destiny is Christ. Eternally.

R Jael

Anchored in Zion


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